The Art of Following Through

Following through with the employer.

It’s so simple yet so many applicants fail to do it. You will never fully know about the opportunity on the other side of a conversation if you don’t take the time to follow up.  An introduction can only take you so far.  By saying “thank you for your time” and sending additional follow-ups to ask for opinions, this demonstrates your dedication and passion.

There are two types of people who are important figures to your career development: those who you aspire to be like and those who are your competition. So find out what conferences your role models and competitors are attending and what groups they belong to—and go where they are.

Once you’ve found the person in the room you want to meet, make that person feel as if those few moments are important to you. Make eye contact, and be thoughtful with your words.


As you may know, LinkedIn is a great tool to network. However, being connected to people online does not exactly mean know them—or that they know you on a professional level. It’s a great idea to maintain relationships over email and phone, but really valuable relationships are created in person.



What do you think? How big a role do relationships play in career development?

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