S-3 Sister Study: Healthy Ladies for a Healthy World

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month and Headway Workforce Solutions is proud to report that we have once again begun recruitment for the Sister Study. This study is concerned with gathering data to improve research regarding breast cancer and other women’s health concerns that may be influenced by environment. Together with Social and Scientific Systems (S-3). This health centered project directed towards women of all backgrounds will have our best recruiter finding candidates for a call center-based position that requires a mix of bilingual and non-bilingual candidates who are both engaging and passionate.

S-3’s Sister Study is a returning project of which we are proud to be a part. It focuses on gathering data to be used for Women’s Health research. Additionally, it features an inclusive framework that invites our candidates to use their skills to reach out to respondents by phone, while collecting data concerning risk factors and health updates among other data. This study is especially important as it provides research data that contributes to treatment and screening programs for breast cancer and other health concerns faced by women, such as osteoporosis.

Our Call Center Staff partners with their respondents to report necessary information for the study. The team is comprised of caring people who are looking to further their career in research while doing something positive to help a cause they believe in. If you are interested in being a part of this team please reach out and express your interest in the position.

To learn more about the Sister Study visit – http://www.sisterstudy.niehs.nih.gov/English/about.htm and https://www.s-3.com/index.php/core-service-areas-ephs/ephs-prodcli

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