Allen Woodard: Headway Hero

Each month, Headway in Research will feature one internal employee here at Headway Workforce Solutions. We will interview them to give you a more in-depth look into their job. This month we are featuring Allen Woodard, Headway’s IT Support Technician!

What are your job duties?

My duties are making sure all the equipment in our offices (Raleigh, RTI, and Hampton, VA) are working properly. Also, I help our candidates with web issues, applying to a job, or time entry.

How do you get through the work day?

I get through the day by listening to a lot of Korean music, weird conversation with my co-workers James and Robert and, of course, caffeine.

Who’s your all-time favorite musical artist?

Korean band BigBang

Hm, that’s a toss-up between between BigBang and 2ne1. I like them both too much and can’t decide!


Which do you prefer, the mountains or the beach?


I like the mountains better. I grew up near the beach, so I prefer the change of scenery.

What’s not to love about puppies?

What makes you smile?

You can’t go wrong with puppies! Or babies. But puppies are just baby dogs anyway, so it’s pretty much the same thing.


Use one word to describe Headway

Friendly! Everyone is always willing to help out, and we’re constantly trying to make each other laugh.

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