Survey Research: Duration and Manageability

Survey projects run the gamut from small-scale, localized questionnaires at a single facility to broad, nationwide investigative surveys that involve hundreds of data collectors. While surveys can be conducted incrementally, with methodology increasingly refined from one to the next in conjunction with data analysis, it can be more cost-effective to field longer-term continuous surveys rather than repeated field surveys. Longer-running surveys typically require fewer data collectors at any given time, and reduces overall cost required for training and supervision. However, the duration of the survey is also dependent upon the quality of the incoming data-stream, whether the respondent quota has been met, whether additional insights are continuing to be generated, and whether the methodology used is efficient at addressing the parameters of the survey questions.  A significant consideration in the formulation of survey research projects is the manageability of the survey in regard to project cost and scope. Utilizing experienced data collectors reduces training and supervisory costs and enables the efficient completion of surveys across a wider range of geographies.

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