The Ramp-Up to AAPOR: Behind the Desk with Alan Zdanowski

Behind the Desk with Alan Zdanowski:

I have to say that empowering the populace with research data is a powerful thing. People can use this data that we help collect to make educated decisions about everything from public policy to health-related issues. Ultimately, the results of this kind of survey research can improve the quality of everyone’s life; and I am really excited about being a part of that.

With each study that we work on, the target audience seems to get more and more granular. It can be very challenging to have to find a number of experienced field interviewers in various locations across the country, ready to collect the data when and where the researcher needs it. It’s great to provide a research-specific data collection solution which has, in recent times, been less prevalent but can produce valuable results for our clients.

The research community is a great environment in which to work; the people are friendly, and we are all dedicated to the same thing: collecting high-quality data. I look forward to AAPOR every year. I am excited to see new faces and watch the organization grow; there is always great content and industry-specific insights. I am sure the 2017 exhibit will be no different. Come visit us at booth #26 – I can’t wait to meet you!


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