The Ramp Up to AAPOR: Behind the Desk with John Schuller

John Schuller, SVP of Operations

Come meet John Schuller from Headway in Research at booth#26 at AAPOR

Research-specific data collection is an exciting field to be working in. Health-related surveys, for example, are about collecting data points that help inform medical research, that in turn help to make the world a better place. From a market research standpoint, I think it is a fascinating how we find individuals to participate in data intercept projects to collect consumer opinions, and those opinions can then potentially change a way a product is delivered or packaged, or things of that nature.

In research I have found that the primary challenge is to constantly assess the validity of the data being collected. Any time you are collecting data, whether over the phone, via the web, or in person, you always have to be cognizant of the validity of that data. At Headway, we address this data-validity concern throughout our recruitment qualifying process. We are always focused on making sure that the individuals we are putting into the field are fully vetted, that they have the experience and skillsets required to collect the necessary data, and that our clients can have a high level of confidence that the data they are putting into the system can be trusted. This is very important to us at Headway.

Insofar as AAPOR is concerned, this is my first year attending and I am excited to take it all in!

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