The Ramp-Up to AAPOR: Behind the Desk with Michele Scollard

Behind the Desk with Michele Scollard:

Come meet Michele Scollard from Headway in Research at booth#26 at AAPOR

I made a conscious and calculated decision four years ago to shift my focus to the research sector because I wanted to have a part in making the world a better place.  Survey research is all about providing information from which new policies, new medicines, new support systems are put in place that improves the human condition (lives).  I am proud and honored to be supporting some of the most world renowned research companies and institutions whose tireless missions are being carried out everyday.  The data we collect changes lives and improves the world.  How many people in business today can say they have such an impact?  It’s amazing!

I think it takes a special kind of person to be a data collector/field interviewer.  Finding the right person is an art and is critical to obtaining high-quality data.  Many of the studies we support deal with very sensitive subjects (drug use, sexual habits etc). As such, we are always looking for compassionate, dedicated individuals who embody the clients’ mission and who can gain the trust of the respondent and connect with them on a personal level so that the best data is collected.

I look forward to AAPOR every year!   Not only is AAPOR a very well run and extremely informative conference, but it is a chance to connect with our clients over multiple days and to meet new people at all levels who are involved in survey research.  I learn so much from the scientists and data analysts who outside of this conference I rarely have an opportunity to speak with.  I also enjoy expanding my knowledge through the sessions and learning about all of the other studies taking place nationally.

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