Project Spotlight: The Home and Community Based Services Experience of Care Survey

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The Home and Community Based Services Experience of Care Survey is designed to provide standard performance metrics for HCBS programs. The Center for Medicaid and CHIP Services (CMCS) is responsible for the oversight of and payment for Medicaid home and community-based services, which enable chronically ill and disabled Medicaid beneficiaries to receive care at home instead of being institutionalized.

The HCBS survey has been designed to be applicable to all populations served by these programs, including people with physical disabilities, cognitive disabilities, intellectual impairments, and/or disabilities due to mental illness.  Specific populations in the TEFT project include: aged, physically disabled, intellectually disabled, individuals with brain injuries, as well as those who are severely mentally ill. This survey is intended to gather direct feedback from participants in Medicaid HCBS programs, operated by individual states, about their experiences with services and supports.

Headway was proud to support the survey in Arizona and Georgia, interviewing Medicaid beneficiaries.

Learn more about the HCBS Survey.

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