Data Collection: The Advantage of a Traveling Team

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Market and social research surveys frequently require timely data collection from specific geographies. In an era of declining response rates and decreased funding for field interviewer training, and with a lack of human resources in designated geographies, a traveling data collection team provides a reliable solution for high-quality data gathering.

An Experienced Team

A traveling data collection team is ideally assembled from a pool of highly qualified candidates, with experience in a wide variety of data collection techniques and methodologies. This collective and individual experience, available in a timely fashion, saves considerable upfront time, energy, and resources in the acquisition of field interviewers. The benefit of this experienced traveling team is particularly critical when field interviewers in the required number are not immediately available in the needed locales; or, if locally available field interviewers lack the necessary skills and experience—both of which are key to high-quality data collection.

A Focused Team

Inevitably, field interviewers hired in their home geographies are juggling multiple commitments; they may have multiple jobs in addition to the constraints and needs of family obligations; they may be more distracted by ongoing social, sporting, or recurring events within their familiar environment. A deployable data collection team, however, travels with one very specific task to accomplish, and is able to maintain a concentrated focus on the efficient and reliable retrieval of data without distraction.

Obtaining High-Quality Data

The acquisition of high-quality data is always the desired outcome of any data collection effort. A traveling field interviewer team has an immediate on-the-ground flexibility, which in turn allows them to acquire data in a manner that best accommodates the schedules and needs of the respondents, and to pair respondents with best-fit data collectors. This on-the-ground, dedicated effort by an experienced team is key to maximizing both survey response rates and the quality of the resultant data.

Headway in Research is proud to offer an experienced data collection team who can be deployed nationwide for the efficient gathering of high-quality data to serve the market and social research survey sectors.

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