5 Tips for Successful Holiday Hiring

Too early to think about the holidays? Starting now actually makes sense for holiday hiring! For many retailers, the arrival of the holidays means it’s time to ramp up recruiting efforts and prepare for a busy season. This task can seem stressful to many business owners but, following these 5 tips will help streamline your seasonal recruiting efforts and relieve some stress from the holiday season.

1. Don’t wait until the holidays to start hiring

Typically retailers start posting holiday jobs in early September, according to Indeed economist Daniel Culbertson. This year, many large retailers have started their hiring process earlier than ever in hopes to obtain top talent. By waiting until the last minute, you can miss out on finding the best candidates. Be prepared and have a plan for your holiday hiring this year.

2. Ask for help

As holiday season reaches its peak, the complex task of hiring qualified candidates can be burdensome. You can improve productivity by outsourcing HR tasks which in turn will reduce time and resources spent on searching, screening and interviewing for the holiday season. For example, at Headway Workforce Solutions, we offer nationwide recruitment and contingent worker services that add value by improving productivity and performance. Check out a real-life example of how we helped a large national retailer during the holiday season or learn more about our other contingent staffing services.

3. Recruit via social media and employee referrals

Recruiting in certain cities and locations can be challenging. Since social media is very geo-specific, it can be useful in finding quality candidates in those areas. Recruiting via word of mouth can work the same way. Loyal and hard-working employees often know like-minded people who may be interested in the position. 

4. Give preference to returning employees

Some seasonal employees plan on returning for the next season or for multiple seasons. By giving these employees the first choice for the next season, you can focus on hiring more quality employees like them.

5. Update job descriptions

If you’re using a previously written job description, make sure it is updated and clearly reflects the job expectations. Choose job categories that relate to seasonal, temporary, or holiday employment. By clearly communicating your job descriptions you can effectively reach seasonal job seekers and reduce turnover later in the season.

Holiday hiring doesn’t have to be stressful! By following these tips you can guarantee a successful holiday season for you, your seasonal staff, and your customers.

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