Tips for Recruiting and Hiring a Gen Z Workforce

Did you know: Companies are likely to welcome Gen Z into their workplaces a lot sooner than expected? Gen Z is seriously considering forgoing a traditional college education to go work for a company that provides college-like training. In fact, 75% of Gen Z say there are other ways of getting a good education than going to college. This means that by 2025, Millenials and Gen Z will make up more than 75% of the workforce! If you’re a recruiter, then it’s crucial to know exactly what drives Gen Z to join–and stick with–a company. Is your business ready?

How do we define Generation Z?

Defining a generation can be tricky. In fact, there are so many different opinions on when the Millenial generation ends and when Gen Z starts. Pew Research defines Generation Z as individuals born between 1997 and 2012. These individuals grew up on the web and with smartphones in hand. They have ever only known a world that is constantly connected with information just a click away.

How do we recruit Gen Z?

1. Focus on an exceptional candidate experience

Gen Z candidates are much less likely than previous generations to do business with a company that they have a poor candidate experience at. Using innovative new tech like AI to automate identifying and recruiting candidates, chatbots to provide quick communication, and other tools that smooth the process from resume to interview scheduling can give you a competitive edge.

2. Communicate value and meaning

Target meaning and value in your messaging. What kind of long-term career growth can they expect? How will it make an impact? More so than salary and financial security, Gen Z is concerned about the positive impact on society that your company has — and that message needs to be shown in your branding.

3. Employer branding is important!

Employers need to make sure that branding is consistently promoted over different platforms. Generation Z is the most connected generation and engages on multiple online platforms – if they see that a company brand differs from one platform to the next instead of providing consistent messaging, they may end up being turned off to the brand entirely. This is a great way to showcase the diversity and inclusion at your workplace. Does your company have a strong sense of community? Are there cool perks that you can mention? You can attract Gen Zers by engaging them on social platforms highlighting what separates your company from the pack.

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