Your Job Search During the Corona Virus

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The Corona Virus has had major implications across the globe in regards to how everyone is approaching their day-to-day operations. If you’re in the middle of a job search right now, you may be wondering what affect the pandemic will have on hiring and interviewing. Here are a few strategies you can use to keep up your job hunt over the next few months:

1. Start Online Networking

During this downtime, with everyone at home killing time, it’s a perfect chance to make new authentic connections and to revive old ones. Doing so will put you in a more favorable position to find out about new roles quicker. So many people are told they need to have a LinkedIn profile, but they don’t actually use it once they sign up. Now is a great time to start actually using LinkedIn to your advantage. Look for professional groups to join on LinkedIn to connect you to like-minded professionals.

2. Stay in Touch

Maybe you recently had a promising interview and a job offer seemed to be on the horizon, but now the company has moved to remote work and you haven’t heard from the hiring manager. Now what? Some companies have already called off in-person interviewing and are resorting exclusively to phone and video interviews to continue their hiring processes. Some companies have halted hiring altogether. Don’t lose hope – If the company that you were hoping for has halted their hiring and interview processes, make sure you keep in touch and let them know that you are still interested once things return to normal. Check out some of our follow-up email templates for ideas.

3. Work on Your Resume & Interview Techniques

Take this time to revamp your LinkedIn profile, resume, and cover letter strategy so it’s easy for an employer to see your value quickly. Practice some of the interview questions that may have tripped you up in another interview. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered on some tips and tricks for sprucing up your resume and answering those tough interview questions.

4. Learn New Skills

During an economic slowdown, it’s important to focus on what you can control—improving your skills. Take a look at some of the job descriptions that you are applying for. Next, make a list of skills you have, skills that need to be brushed up, or skills that you lack entirely. There are plenty of free resources you can use to brush up on and learn new skills during your job search. Don’t forget about soft skills either!

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