Call Center / Telecommunications

August 01, 2023

Outcome in Brief

Superior recruitment efficiencies including:

  • Reduced cost per hire
  • Improved automation of the hiring process
  • Improved quality of hire
  • Reduced call center turnover


The client manages a cluster of call centers operating under the umbrella of a parent company located in the western United States. They not only faced significant challenges in their hiring and retention efforts, but were also opening up a new call center and needed strong recruitment methodologies in place for its launch.

Some of the other key hurdles included a saturated market and branding challenges involving the call centers’ reputation among the regional labor force.


  • 13,000 viable candidates sourced for individual call centers
  • 302 employment offers extended for Customer Service Representatives (CSRs) one week ahead of schedule
  • Delivered superior candidates with key problem solving abilities
  • New coordinated system put into place for scheduling of orientation and training of CSRs

Significant recruiting results were achieved in the following areas:

  • Over-burdened internal recruitment challenges were eliminated
  • Improvement in candidate flow
  • Increase in sourcing volume
  • Increase with support through an on-site, dedicated team
  • Improved communications with both hiring managers and candidates
  • Significant automation and streamlining of processes
    Improved testing and training
  • Improved scheduling for both hiring and training


Using a sophisticated, multi-pronged recruitment approach, Headway worked intensively with the management of the separate call centers, resulting in a unified successful sourcing program.

To accomplish these goals, Headway utilized proprietary sourcing tools, a customized e-Recruiting technology platform, and unique social networking groups to find and attract interested and qualified candidates.

Additionally, Headway deployed an on-site recruitment team making the hiring and on-boarding process more efficient and candidate-focused.

Headway’s Recruitment & Talent Acquisition solution was created to integrate with and improve upon the client’s existing hiring information systems which resulted in a higher level of automation coupled with a more in-depth screening of the candidate pool.