Holiday Job Hunting Tips

December 23, 2014

Don’t let the holidays slow down your job search. A common misconception among the average job hunter every holiday season is that all hiring slows down between Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Instead of putting your job search on hold during the holidays, keep searching; this may be the best time of year to be on the hunt for a new job.

Don’t let the holidays get in the way of your momentum. Get your application in now!

  • Take advantage of seasonal holiday work opportunities and networking events in your area to freshen up old relationships and spark new ones. Try giving a holiday card that includes your business card.
  • Many candidates put their job search on hold during the holiday season, meaning less competition for you.
  • Hiring managers sometimes use this holiday time to ramp up projects for the New Year and may be in the market for a new hire.
  • Consider that there may be ‘use it or lose it’ hiring budgets which must be spent by the end of the year on new hires. Take advantage of companies who spend that money on the hiring process now.
  • Even if the holiday season does slow down the hiring process, stay the course and don’t be discouraged.

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