How to Increase the Success of Your Next Research Project

April 26, 2023

A research study is a complicated project that takes strategic planning and precise data collection to get the necessary results. When a project requires such meticulous forethought, it can be incredibly frustrating when that project doesn’t go as planned. While many research firms rely on online data collection, some rely on data collection staff. In this case, the project requires face-to-face or telephone data collection, and the hiring process can prove to be a cumbersome hurdle.

What happens when you realize that the people you hired aren’t the right fit and the data for your project isn’t the quality you need it to be?

This is a problem faced by many research firms. You need quality hires and quality data collection. So how can these problems be solved?


Partnering with an Employer Solutions and Staffing Firm

As an employer solution and staffing provider, Headway In Research can provide many services to facilitate the research process.

Quality Hires Means Quality Data

One of the biggest problems that research firms face is having inaccurate or invalid data. The accuracy of data collection relies on the quality of the person collecting it. This is where staffing services can become valuable. By outsourcing staffing you can save time and money.

Staffing firms have trained professionals that can source, contact, and interview candidates to find the most qualified employees for your projects. Headway’s clientele gets the added benefit of our nationwide network of qualified data collection staff. 

National Projects

Partnering with a company that offers both Employer of Record (EOR) and staffing services allows them to recruit, staff, and hire employees across the United States on behalf of your company. Therefore, companies that may have access to talent but not the mechanism to employ the staff, can come to Headway and utilize our EOR service as a turnkey employment solution. 

Reduce Risks of Direct Hiring

Direct hiring can seem like an obvious choice; however, it does come with risks. Hiring new employees is costly, especially for temporary positions where turnover can be high. The cost and time required to hire internally greatly outweigh the costs of partnering with an employer service and staffing firm.

When a new employee is brought on board, you are responsible for taking on the risk associated with that hire - a disruption to your project, potential terminations, the training process. Many of these risks can be mitigated by using a staffing agency. When the job is complete, the work is over, there is no need to worry about severance pay, unemployment insurance, or ending an employee’s assignment. A staffing agency streamlines the transition between projects.

Find the Skill Sets You Need

Research projects require employees with specific skill sets and qualifications. A research project needs accurate data collection from detail-oriented employees. The short duration of research projects coupled with the need for specific and robust skillsets make these projects unique. A staffing agency can handle the entire staffing and hiring process for you.

When hiring temporary employees, it may be more efficient to rely on specialized staffing agencies, which have the resources and experience to quickly find and hire suitable candidates. A staffing agency can provide you with qualified, highly skilled workers quickly.

Access to Talent Networks

A good staffing agency spends years building up its talent network through referrals, networking, and speaking with candidates daily. An employer usually doesn’t have the resources to constantly engage talent. When you partner with a staffing agency you gain access through them to this network of ready-to-work individuals with prescreened skill sets. This network can massively reduce the hiring time necessary for projects.

Industry Market Knowledge

A staffing agency provides access to skilled available candidates both active and passive, salary ranges, and local market trends. This can be incredibly useful when it comes to finding quality employees to collect accurate data.

Why Partner with Headway?

Headway Workforce Solutions is the largest employer solutions and staffing firm that specializes specifically in providing data collection staff for the research industry. We have research industry expertise, databases, and network connections that can help your staff and complete your research project seamlessly.

We offer a range of services from Employer of Record to recruiting and staffing. We have trained professionals who will sort through hundreds of resumes, interview candidates, and find the best matches for your team. Instead of trying to reallocate valuable internal resources, partner with Headway for seamless project execution.