Hospitality/Concessions – Sports Venue

November 23, 2020

Outcome in Brief

  • Hired an average of 200 concessions employees per season
  • Provided on-site HR management support at the Durham Bulls Athletic Park
  • Sourced, recruited, onboarded and payrolled all employees weekly
  • Provided online time management system and training in its operation to Durham Bulls

Management Team

  • Generated a branded career site for a centralized application process
  • Co-hosted a job fair with the Durham Bulls to meet initial hiring demand


In 2015, Durham Bulls management created Bull City Hospitality in order to cover the staffing needs of their concessionary food and beverage operations. With a rapidly expanding sphere of operations, growing to include food service for the ball club, parking and traffic control, as well as the staffing and management of a brick and mortar restaurant facility, Bull City Hospitality and Capitol Broadcasting Company (the Durham Bulls ownership group), were facing a number of logistical and staffing challenges. With an HR already devoted to their internal team, Durham Bulls needed to find a way to efficiently onboard, payroll and manage seasonal concession staff as well as their restaurant, traffic and parking workforce.


Capitol Broadcasting Company partnered with Headway to provide a customized contingent workforce solution which incorporated Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) and Employer of Record (EOR) services for their concessionary needs. Headway has since provided recruitment and EOR services for the expanded operations, extending to include parking attendants, traffic control officers, and restaurant staff. Headway has consistently maintained between 175-195 concessionary staff hires for three consecutive seasons, with all time-management and payroll processing administered by the Headway team. With a consistent rehire rate since partnership inception, Headway has been able to predominately supply concessionary staff who are experienced with the Durham Bull’s brand.


The Durham Bulls management team were enjoying a rapidly expanding operation, and wished to seamlessly and efficiently onboard and payroll the additional concessionary staff they required as well as the workforce needed to staff and manage their various ventures. Durham Bulls had transitioned from outsourcing staffing needs to overseeing their own via Bull City Hospitality and Capitol Broadcasting. However, with an increasingly complicated association of independent ventures and an HR focused on internal staff, Durham Bulls needed a seamless and efficient growth strategy. Headway’s solution for this client was to provide Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) to find the high-quality hires they needed, and an Employer of Record (EOR) solution that enabled onboarding and payrolling without overburdening Durham Bull’s HR. This customized RPO and EOR combination has allowed us to analyze and design a highly effective recruitment strategy that addressed Durham Bulls’ needs, and allowed them to focus on core business strategies.