Large Academic Institution

August 01, 2023

Outcome in Brief

Superior project management efficiencies including:

  • Reduced time to input CV data by 433% over prior methods
  • Eliminated CV processing road blocks
  • Improved staff knowledge through new training program
  • Delivered data input requirements prior to key deadline
  • Completed CV input project on-time & within budget goals


The college had over 500 Curriculum Vitae (CVs) to enter and a short window of time to complete the project. Academic CVs can be up to 50 pages in length and include many discrete areas of experience (publications cited, research results, educational experience, work history, awards, research studies/results, et al) which creates challenging data entry requirements.

The college implemented their CV software and after 12 months was only able to process and input 300 CVs. The college had over 200 CVs left that needed to be processed. They also needed specific reports using data from all of their CVs. This data is critical to tracking accreditation of faculty as well as other important research metrics.

Some of the key hurdles included:

  • Lack of software knowledge
  • Lack of proper staff to handle input processing
  • Lack of a program manager being responsible for the completion of this complicated project


  • 2,000+ pages of faculty member’s CVs entered
  • 200 CVs entered in an 8 week time frame
  • Fully trained Data Entry team
  • Management reports providing weekly progress
  • Lower overhead costs
  • Timely project completion
  • On-going training for University Staff
  • Development of a comprehensive training program


Headway Workforce Solutions, with a wealth of experience in project management in the academic world, offered consultative services and a precise project outline in order to complete the necessary data input project. After project definition and deliverable scheduling, Headway’s plan sourced a recruiter and hired a team of 8 professional data entry (DE) operators possessing the needed skills for this unique project.

Headway also implemented a customized training program for the DE operators educating them on the specific and unique data entry parameters for the project. Headway managed the overall project within the allotted budget and provided weekly production reports on employee performance. An on-site project manager was also utilized to manage the team and make critical decisions in keeping the project on target and within budget.