3-D Printer Retailer

September 16, 2019

Outcome in Brief

  • Hired 150 Brand Ambassadors
  • Managed the Brand Ambassadors across 350 locations throughout the country, acted as a point of contact between client and employee
  • Created a branded employee portal for employee training and communication
  • Generated a branded career site for a centralized application process
  • Payrolled the Brand Ambassadors on a weekly basis


A broad-scope, innovative 3-D printer retail company was having trouble expanding their product reach through specialty stores. With the increased awareness of 3-D printing products on the market, time seemed right to breach the mainstream consumer market, however the demand for our client’s products was not high as their brand was not known. The challenge was in finding highly skilled staff with the ability to demonstrate this new technology inside the retail specialty stores to help promote product recognition and brand marketing.


Headway was able to hire, manage and provide access to training through a branded employee portal for a set of skilled staff across the country. Three dedicated internal Headway account managers oversaw three separate regional territories, acting as the eyes and ears for the client to check in with every Brand Ambassadors, thereby keeping their fingers on the pulse of the project, and relaying pertinent information back to the client.


For our 3-D Printer Retailer client, the use of Brand Ambassadors was a new pilot program for them and they did not have an existing workforce to pull from. Headway’s solution for this client was to use our contingent workforce solution plan which incorporates recruitment process outsourcing (RPO) as well as employment of record (EOR). This allowed us to analyze and design a highly effective recruitment strategy that fit to the client’s needs and allowed our client to focus on other core business strategies and relationships with their distributors. For our client, turnover was less than 5% and Headway was able to maintain a strong workforce that was used at trade shows to help demonstrate their products. At the end of the pilot program, our client hired a group of our employees to be full time brand advocates strategically placed throughout the U.S.