Employer of Record Supports a Growing Staffing Firm

March 30, 2023

Outcome in Brief

An HR Executive Search Firm needed to expand their services to encompass both firms that wanted full-time permanent staff as well as part-time and temporary staff to meet the needs of their clients. Many of the workers rotate in and out of projects as needed and the company would simply hire most of them on 1099 basis as an Independent Contractor (IC). However, being concerned about the increased scrutiny of worker misclassification, the company engaged Headway’s Employer of Record (EOR) solution to drive compliance while improving contract worker loyalty through a more robust engagement platform with this worker universe.




As a specialty executive search provider for Top HR Talent, our client wanted to make their services available to both firms that wanted full-time permanent staff as well as part-time and temporary staff. The HR Executive Search Firm did not have the back-office infrastructure to payroll contractors, a rapidly growing need of their clients.



The Employer of Record allows this HR Executive Search Firm to expand its offerings to contract labor which accounts for a significant addition impacting their bottom line and ultimate mission, which is to connect the best talent to the right client. Headway handled the complicated and time-consuming ins and outs of managing back-office administration. This allowed the HR Executive Search Firm to focus on what they do best, connect HR Executive, Consulting, and Contract Recruiting talent with their clients.



The HR Executive Search Firm utilized Headway’s EOR services to payroll contractor staff for temporary assignments or on a temp to perm basis without the need to build an expensive in-house back office network. Headway’s flexible, hands-on, technology-driven approach allows the firm to scale and descale quickly based on the seasonality of its client’s needs.


Learn how much misclassification of employees can cost you!