Staying Productive While Working From Home

March 19, 2020

In this uncharted territory of COVID-19, many companies are being forced to switch to a work from home model earlier than they had anticipated. While some are happy and others are not too thrilled, the reality is that a majority of the workforce will be working from home for the foreseeable future. Working from home can be a double-edged sword – it seems great in theory but if you don’t set boundaries, you can start to get distracted from your work.

So, what can you do to stay productive while confined to your house?

Below are 8 tips for the work from home novice.

  1. Set boundaries. Don’t work from bed! Instead, set up a spot in your home that is specifically for working.
  2. Keep your routine as normal as possible – wake up, get ready for the day, drink your coffee, anything your normal daily routine consists of.
  3. Make a to-do list. Creating a list of essential tasks you need to get done for the day will help you stay on track and focused on your work
  4. Amp up the communication. When working from home and communicating digitally, sometimes things can get lost in translation. Now more than ever is the best time to over-communicate. If things still aren’t being communicated, try other methods like phone calls, video conferences, or screen sharing.
  5. Don’t forget to take breaks. Get up, stretch and get some fresh air. This will help keep your energy levels high throughout the day helping you avoid burnout.
  6. Limit distractions. You might think working from home means you can catch up on your shows, watch a movie in the background, or scroll through your phone while you work. Keep the distractions minimal while your working to keep productivity at a high.
  7. Know when to stop. Try to keep the same hours as you do in the office. It can be tempting to keep checking your email once you are done for the day.
  8.  Stay positive. With everything going on in the world today, it might seem hard to stay positive – but it is necessary. Keep up the fun colleague work banter, find things to stay grateful for, turn on some fun music while you work.

Remember, going fully remote is a new experience for many companies and their workers. Be honest about what isn’t working or can’t get done in these circumstances.