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CV Tailoring Tips

If you are looking to land your dream job - no matter how amazing your experience is, if you don`t have a well-written CV, then your chances are diminished.

Thus, writing a clear, distinctive, and eye-catching CV is of enormous importance to get noticed and increase positive responses in today`s recruitment market.

Here is CBSbutler’s Quick step guide to tailoring your CV and getting the Basics right.


  • Name, email, LinkedIn URL + Number - keep it short + sweet


  • Start with a punchy profile = 4 - 6 lines summarising yourself. This is what the recruiter is going to read first SO Include: Skills, Experience, Industries, Tools - Avoid: Meaningless clichés


  • 6 – 8 short bullet points that highlight your main offering e.g: Knowledge of MES or Data collection and SPC

ROLES – Company - Role Title - Dates

  • Start with a 2 – 3-line summary - List your responsibilities

Show the impact you have made - Lots of details in recent roles, less in older roles

  • End with some Key Achievements, using facts and figures to really impress employers


  • Simple list format - include dates and governing bodies - only include the relevant & important


“Always tailor your CV to the Job You are applying for”

Hot Takeaway tips


The length of your CV should ideally be 2 pages – definitely no more than 3. You are going to have to have done something exceptional to warrant that third page. Busy recruiters don’t have time to wade through lengthy CV’


Use a simple font, break the text up and avoid using photos. Make it as easy as possible for employers to find the information that they need


Your contact details, profile, core skills and Roles is the first thing that readers see upon opening your CV. Make sure it is packed with key words that your target employers will want to see, to instantly grab their attention. If the Job ad says searching for an experienced Senior Process Engineer, then make sure you highlight the skills you have that match that description – telling us you’re a key team player is not going to get us excited however telling us you have two years of semiconductor process engineering experience with a familiarity in SPC and 6 sigma might just make us sit up and notice; Especially if you then tell me how you use it in your day to day role

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