Political Support

Political Support

Workforce Solutions for Any Campaign

Running a successful political campaign in today’s world is no small undertaking and requires skill and planning. From canvassing door-to-door and polling to creating a complete campaign management team, Headway has the experience and expertise to provide you with fully qualified personnel and resources. We know what it takes to support a local county board of elections, and with our non-partisan workforce solutions, we can provide the team you need for any political campaign.


Political Positions and Headway Solutions

Headway allows you the flexibility to scale your campaign at a moments notice with our complete Employer of Record Services. 

  • Employer of Record (EOR)  solutions can help you grow and scale your workforce as needed to support the peaks of your campaign without the burden of an in-house HR and Financial team.
  • Vendor On Premise Services (VOP)  with a dedicated  point of contact team handling all your contingent workforce needs  so that you can focus on your campaign goals while we manage your workforce support. 

Staffing Support for the Following Positions

  • Customer Service (data entry) 
  • Warehouse Assistant
  • IT Assistant 
  • Elections Assistant 
  • Voter Registration Assistant
  • Courier 
  • Logistics Assistant
  • Early Voting Assistant 
  • Election Night Supply Distribution
  • Parking Attendants 
  • Precinct Officials
  • Early Voting Workers
  • Canvassers
  • Field Director
  • State Director

Don't Take Our Word for It

Here are some insights from our clients.

"We have been working with Headway since 2016, which is over 5 years now! Headway’s customer service far supersedes any of the other organizations we worked with in the past. We have thrown them many challenges over the years, and they have always risen to those challenges. Their processes and procedures have made our lives easier. They are flexible and responsive to any curveball that may come our way. All members of the organization are very approachable and responsive. They have an excellent consultative approach to all new and different projects. Their expertise in payroll across the country has helped us greatly, especially in those we were unfamiliar with. In addition, we can tell the organization truly cares about us as a client as well as the employees they service."

Let's break down barriers together

Let's break down barriers together

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