Headway Connect includes multiple features like offer management, onboarding, time and expense entry and approvals, and FAQs combined into one place for easy use. Best of all, the entire experience is mobile-optimized, so clients and employees alike can complete tasks on the go.

Headway Connect’s platform allows users to access time and expense entry, a complete onboarding process from start to finish, any required documentation, and more, right from the convenience of a mobile device.

Headway Connect features include:

  • Streamlined, rapid time and expense entry and approval process
  • The time and expense entry process are more efficient by focusing on rapid entry and being able to enter multiple projects, tasks, etc. all on one single timesheet.
  • Time and expense sheets are on one sheet now. There can be multiple projects, departments, tasks, etc. all on one sheet, when before it could have been 3-4 different sheets.
  • No paper timesheets are needed anymore, everything on the employee and manager side is mobile friendly.
  • Minimized backtracking and amount of clicks while maximizing forward momentum and utility of the application
  • The system is able to rapidly adapt to business needs through the client configurator where we can change the settings based on the client
  • Documentation all lives in the system so there is no miscommunication
  • Introducing dashboards to give you an overall view of status’ and numbers
  • Filtering – there’s different views if you just want to see the only time or only expense, or by project, etc.


To learn more reach out to us at info@headwaywfs.com. Visit our page on our complete Employer of Record solution.