Behind the Scenes with Headway’s Senior VP of HR: Mary Thornbury

Mary Thornbury, Senior VP of HR

Headway Workforce Solutions operates across all fifty states. How do you keep up with the various regulations, like workers compensation, irregular tax codes, benefit options etc., that are specific to each state? While workers’ compensation management is fairly uniform across the board there are monopolistic states such as Ohio, Washington State, Wyoming and North Dakota,… Read more »

Rocking the Retail World: E‑Commerce and the Challenges of Warehouse Staffing

derelict parking lot,vacant shopping center, empty storefront

The rise of e-commerce has rocked the retail world. Shoppers can now order necessary items with unprecedented convenience. From the ease and comfort of their living room couch, consumers can order and checkout in minutes without ever having to step foot outside; without having to drive across town; without having to wander through aisles trying… Read more »

GRIT Report Insights in Qualitative Research: The Need for High-Quality Data Collectors

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The Primacy of High-Quality Data The latest GRIT report offered valuable insights into the needs and priorities of research scientists, the perspectives of research vendors, and the successes and constraints of the relationships that exist between the two. Researchers, unsurprisingly, accord the greatest primacy to the quality of the data derived from the research. There… Read more »

All About Headway’s Operations and Recruitment Team

Operations Leadership Team: Service Delivery for Recruitment and Staffing

What does strategic leadership mean to you? John – Strategic leadership to me means fostering the personal and professional development of the team with whom I am working, while, at the same time, maintaining a focus on realizing the long-term goals of the organization to which we all belong. Ruth – My idea of strategic… Read more »

Evolving Trends in Concessionary Staffing: Sports Stadiums in the Digital Age

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Sport stadiums have come a long way in recent years. In an ongoing effort to attract and retain fans, stadiums are increasingly rigged with Wi-Fi hotspots, luxurious premium seating, eye-catching LED video displays, and gourmet food and beverage options. Team owners have good reason to woo their fan-base; stadiums come with hefty price tags (think… Read more »

The Ramp Up to AAPOR: Behind the Desk with John Schuller

John Schuller, SVP of Operations

Come meet John Schuller from Headway in Research at booth#26 at AAPOR Research-specific data collection is an exciting field to be working in. Health-related surveys, for example, are about collecting data points that help inform medical research, that in turn help to make the world a better place. From a market research standpoint, I think… Read more »

The Ramp-Up to AAPOR: Behind the Desk with Ruth Johnson

Come meet Ruth Johnson from Headway in Research at booth#26 at AAPOR Working with Headway’s research support sector has been such an integral part of my career growth. I started at Headway approximately five years ago in a recruiter role, supporting our RTI hiring efforts. As the research sector of our business has grown, developed… Read more »

Survey Research and the Bathroom Bill

The Bathroom as Battleground The public bathroom has become a battleground that is being waged across the nation. North Carolina’s HB2 bill, stipulating that individuals are required to the use the bathroom that coincides with the gender on their birth certificate, is highly controversial and hotly debated. Similar “bathroom bills” have been introduced by social… Read more »

The Ramp-Up to AAPOR: Behind the Desk with Michele Scollard

Come meet Michele Scollard from Headway in Research at booth#26 at AAPOR I made a conscious and calculated decision four years ago to shift my focus to the research sector because I wanted to have a part in making the world a better place.  Survey research is all about providing information from which new policies,… Read more »

Jenna Mencome: Headway Hero

Each month, Headway in Research will feature one internal employee here at Headway Workforce Solutions. We interview them to give you a more in-depth look into their jobs and their lives. This month we are featuring Jenna Mencome, Headway’s Sourcing Specialist! What are your job duties? I assist recruiters by researching and identifying quality candidates for them… Read more »