Top 5 Onboarding Mistakes to Avoid

Did you know: One-third of new hires quit their job after about six months. An employees first days, weeks, and months are crucial to their success in their new role. In fact, about one-third of new hires knew whether they would stay with the company long-term after their first week. This means, having a seamless and effective onboarding… Read more »

Staying Productive During the Holidays

More than 100 million people will travel this holiday season. Most people save their vacation for holidays meaning an empty office and more responsibilities for those working during the holidays.  From travel plans to holiday parties and gift planning — staying productive while your mind is distracted is tough. How to Stay Productive 1. Plan your… Read more »

The Power of Hard Work

We all want to succeed, whether it’s in your career or in your personal life. Hard work takes trial and error and you may fail many times before achieving success. Hard work is always the baseline for success, there are no shortcuts. “Don’t ever, ever, believe anyone who tells you that you can just get… Read more »

Should You Apply for a Job You Aren’t Completely Qualified For?

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Have you ever found a job opportunity that seems like the perfect fit for you? You read through the job post, and realize you are a few years off on experience or don’t have some of the required skills. Since you aren’t qualified, you decide to write it off and apply for another job that… Read more »

How To Be Successful On The First Day At Your New Job

Now that you’ve accepted the job, your first impression is critical. Here are a few tips for acing your first day. Be friendly You’ve probably heard that first impressions are everything, this goes for the first day on a new job, too. Find out who you will be working with the most and get to… Read more »

How to Achieve Work-Life Balance

Believe it or not, work-life balance is not a myth. But, work-life balance is a subjective concept. This means that it will look a little different to everyone. Here are a few tips to creating the work-life balance that everyone dreams of. Get organized Prioritizing your time is an easy way to get organized. As… Read more »

Team Building Strategies That Increase Profits

Team building, most of the time, gets a bad rap. You may have noticed that when a new team building event is announced, people are less than thrilled.  When team building comes to mind, people think of awkward icebreakers, trust falls, or company outings. Despite its bad reputation, team building is one of the most… Read more »

10 Characteristics of Great Company Culture

To some, company culture has become a buzzword in recent years. In fact, most people associate a great culture with trendy perks like ping-pong tables, free snacks, or napping pods. Obviously, these perks are nice, but a company’s culture is about who the company is at the deepest level. An organization’s culture consists of the values,… Read more »

Top Resume Mistakes To Avoid

Your resume is often the first point of contact you make with a potential employer. First impressions are vital in the job searching process. Avoid these 7 mistakes to up your chances of landing an interview. 1. Grammar Errors In this day and age, there is no reason to have grammar errors in your resume.… Read more »

3 Secrets to Beating Applicant Tracking Systems

Picture this: you spend hours making updating your resume for your dream job and upload it with a perfectly written cover letter. Then, besides an automated email, you hear nothing back.  When applying for a job online, you usually send in your resume to an applicant tracking system or ATS. These bots help companies quickly… Read more »