Center for Operational and Recruitment Excellence (CORE)

CORE is a shared-services delivery platform that functions as a central resource for our offerings. It was strategically developed its to optimize and centralize talent networks and acquisition, candidate screening and database management, and centralized support processing for payroll and HR administration.

HEADWAY’S CORE: Advanced Recruiting Power

High-Volume, High-Quality Talent Sourcing, Screening, and Placement

CORE uses cutting-edge tools and technologies to provide nationwide recruitment solutions, specializing in the identification and placement of skilled and hard-to-find candidates when and where you need them.

  • Nationwide Recruitment
  • Sourcing, Screening, and Assessment
  • Dedicated Recruitment Teams
  • Advanced e-Recruiting Technologies
  • Regional Service Delivery Network
  • Proprietary Database of 2 Million Candidates

Through CORE, Headway enables organizations to achieve superior recruitment results at a cost-effective price point relative to typical internal hiring efforts.