Headway Hospitality      CHoPS - Certified Hospitality Pro Series

CHoPS – Certified Hospitality Pro Series

Headway Workforce Solutions has developed the Certified Hospitality Pro Series (CHoPS) to certify our employees that are hired by you in three basic concepts—food safety, beverage service & hospitality.

These courses are free to the employees you retain with us, so you receive all the benefits of this training at no cost as well.

Courses for these employees would cover:

  • Food Safety
    • Food allergies & health basics
    • Foodborne illnesses & germs
  • Beverage Service
    • Safe alcohol service
    • Wine pairings
    • Basic mixology
  • Hospitality
    • Case studies
    • “Authenticity”

The program—taught by a professional chef and educator with over 30 years experience—will ensure that you have the best talent for your business, so that you can continue to grow your business. To learn more about CHoPS – register here – http://www.headwayhospitality.jobs/chops/.

Recruitment and Talent Acquisition

Adaptable Recruitment Functions

Headway’s Recruitment & Talent Acquisition solutions are customized to meet the specific needs of our  individual clients. Whether you require sourcing, screening, or hiring support for one or one hundred candidates, Headway will develop flexible, cost-effective recruitment strategies to meet your objectives.

  • Sourcing Strategy
  • In-person Interviewing
  • Customized Testing
  • Comprehensive Candidate Profile Package

Contingent Workforce

Full Recruitment & Talent Management

Our first-in-class contingent workforce solution addresses all your recruitment and worker management needs so that you can focus on long term growth strategies and other core business objectives. Headway will source, screen, hire, and payroll staff for specific events or for long-term engagement, according to your particular requirements.

Hospitality Staff

Headway supports a variety of positions within the hospitality sector:

  • Front of House Staff (wait staff, hosts, cashiers, bus staff, etc.)
  • Kitchen Staff (chefs, prep/line cooks, dishwashers, etc.)
  • Bartenders & Bar Backs
  • Catering & Event Staff
  • Event Parking & Traffic Enforcement Staff
  • Hospitality Management Staff
  • Concessions Staff
  • Stadium Vendors

All recruited candidates are fully vetted for position-specific qualifications and experience in table service, bartending, or any other requirements you may have. Contingent staff are available for full event support, including set-up and break-down. Additional background checks are undertaken as requested.