Data Collection: The Advantage of a Traveling Team

data collection travel team, remote geographies, on-demand, quick turnaround data collection

Research surveys frequently require timely data collection from specific geographies. In an era of declining response rates and decreased funding for field interviewer training, a traveling data collection team provides a reliable solution for high-quality data gathering. An Experienced Team A traveling team assembled from a pool of highly qualified candidates. The benefit of an… Read more »

The Critical Need for High-Quality Data Collectors: Avoiding Misinformation

field data collector

Research survey budgets are tight and scientists are increasingly concerned with obtaining high-quality data at the lowest possible cost. The budget of any research project depends upon a number of factors and can vary from one project to another. While web-based survey can be the most economical way in which to rapidly reach a large… Read more »

GRIT Report Insights in Qualitative Research: The Need for High-Quality Data Collectors

door-to-door, at your door, interview, data collector, face-to-face interviewing, qualitative research

The Primacy of High-Quality Data The latest GRIT report offered valuable insights into the needs and priorities of research scientists, the perspectives of research vendors, and the successes and constraints of the relationships that exist between the two. Researchers, unsurprisingly, accord the greatest primacy to the quality of the data derived from the research. There… Read more »

Project Spotlight: National Survey of Drug Use and Health (NSDUH)

community health awareness, drug use, health survey

The project has been ongoing since 1988 and is sponsored by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA). The NSDUH survey collects data to identify underserved communities that are in need of substance abuse and mental health facilities. Other government agencies also use the information to support prevention programs and monitor the efficacy… Read more »

Survey Research, the Georgia Special Election and Understanding the Voter Mindset

Political Special Election Georgia

Special elections in a non-presidential or midterm election year are typically rather quiet affairs, with low turnout dominated by older, reliable voters. There has, however, been nothing typical about politics these past six months, and the special election in Georgia’s sixth congressional district has been anything but quiet. The congressional race is a hotbed of… Read more »

Survey Research: Project Implementation (Cost, Data Quality, Duration and Manageability)

  Survey planning can be undertaken by a minimal number of researchers in centralized offices of a research institute or university. The implementation of a survey and the subsequent collection of data, however, is conducted in the field by a relatively large number of survey workers, supervisors and respondents. While the researcher has less control… Read more »

Project Spotlight: African-American Eye Disease Study

african-american female, eye disease study, health study, field data collectors

Under the auspices of Battelle Memorial Institute, The African-American Eye Disease Study progresses through its final months in Inglewood, CA, with project completion slated for March 2017. The study has not only been instrumental as an early indicator for diabetic retinopathy and glaucoma, but can further our understanding of developing eye conditions in order to… Read more »

Staffing Challenges of Political Campaigns

Polling, Campaigns, and Elections The scientific name for polling is psephology, which literally translates to ‘voting by pebbles’. The first evidence of this comes to us from ancient Greece where pebbles were placed in candidate-specific bowls. The political electoral process has significantly transformed over the years. While individual votes are still cast in a similar fashion… Read more »

Secret Agents of Retail

So you’re looking for a new job where you can influence decision-making research while also using the industrial espionage skills you picked up in that nefarious government agency that you joined after that cocktail party that one time. Perhaps a lapel assignment is a great way to sublimate your urge for world domination through “secret… Read more »

Don’t Be Intimidated – Be Intrigued By Lapel Work

We’ve all been there, reading a job description and trying to picture ourselves doing that job. Hopefully, you can imagine yourself not only enjoying but also being successful in the job you are applying for. When searching for a job you will always come across some positions that intrigue you and appear to be an… Read more »