Top Resume Mistakes To Avoid

Your resume is often the first point of contact you make with a potential employer. First impressions are vital in the job searching process. Avoid these 7 mistakes to up your chances of landing an interview. 1. Grammar Errors In this day and age, there is no reason to have grammar errors in your resume.… Read more »

3 Secrets to Beating Applicant Tracking Systems

Picture this: you spend hours making updating your resume for your dream job and upload it with a perfectly written cover letter. Then, besides an automated email, you hear nothing back.  When applying for a job online, you usually send in your resume to an applicant tracking system or ATS. These bots help companies quickly… Read more »

Tailor-Made Resume: The Difference is in the Details

Attention job-seekers! Although it may be tempting to send a generic resume to every available position to expedite the process, this “reply to all” strategy will most likely not land you a job. The purpose of an application is to demonstrate that you are the best fit candidate for the position. In order to effectively… Read more »