Major U.S. Airline

August 01, 2023

Outcome in Brief

  • Over 130 candidates were sourced, screened and staffed
  • Operational management of the airline’s recruitment process was improved
  • Airline was able to fill positions it was struggling to staff in a more timely and efficient manner
  • Recruiting team garnered more time and resources with stronger recruiting efficiencies in place


A large U.S. airline faced significant challenges in sourcing, screening and recruiting personnel for ground crew operations and service agents in their main New York hub. Internal recruiters were overwhelmed and no longer able to manage the process efficiently. Although the airline had an active web-portal, they needed expanded tools and technology to properly vet and screen candidates.
They also realized they needed to improve their efforts to properly select for job fitness and candidate quality. Furthermore, the airline needed to significantly expand the ability of their human resources to interview viable candidates and to locate passive, active and skilled candidates with an interest in the available positions.


The airline’s overall recruiting management processes were improved by just-in-time delivery of high quality candidates. Significant challenges faced by an over-burdened internal recruiting team were solved, and all critical positions that needed to be filled were filled on time and on schedule utilizing the partnership with Headway.

The airline also reported that the partnership with Headway enabled the selection of higher quality candidates for these critical operations and service agent positions. Headway’s Recruitment and Talent Acquisition offering leveraged its robust e-Recruiting technologies, processes, and project management resources in providing a scalable high-volume, high-quality, direct-hire recruiting solution for the airline—at a substantial cost savings over their previous efforts.

The Critical Role of Headway’s CORE (Center for Operational and Recruitment Excellence)

Using state of the art technologies and methodologies proprietary to Headway, a full team of sourcing and recruiting professionals at Headway’s exclusive CORE designed a platform of web crawlers and other sophisticated e-Sourcing tools to locate a sufficient number of high quality candidates that Headway pre-screened for the airline.

Meticulous attention was paid to candidate quality. Based on specific hiring requisitions, approximately 3,000 candidates were initially sourced and pre-screened. After the pre-screening, 41% of the candidates moved forward to a second phase of screening, via a unique candidate vetting process.

Thereafter, the required assessments, interviewing, testing, and verification efforts occurred. At the end of the process, over 130 high quality employees were transitioned to the on-boarding phase and placed with the airline.


Using a two-pronged approach, Headway utilized proprietary sourcing tools, a customized technology platform and integrated website landing page—along with a dedicated sourcing team to locate a larger quantity of qualified candidates.

In addition, a Headway recruiting team operating out of the airline’s New York office conducted the on-site interviews and Headway’s proprietary screening tools were utilized to insure the identity of higher quality candidates. Once the candidates were sourced and screened, they were seamlessly on-boarded, as Headway’s hiring process supported the airline’s own hiring systems and procedures.

One of the benefits of using Headway’s Recruitment and Talent Acquisition Solution is that it is flexible and seamlessly aligns with existing workforce hiring systems and practices.