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Employer of Record Services

Unlocking the Door to Growth

Sick of wrestling with the complexities of back-office employee administration ? It is not the path to growth, and we get it. With Headway, you can easily hand off that stress and focus on managing and growing your business. 

From payroll and taxes to compliance and risk mitigation - and everything in between - Headway is an exceptional provider of custom, flexible and hands-on Employer of Record services.

What is EOR anyway?

An Employer of Record handles the hiring and compensating for employees on behalf of another company. The benefits reach every corner of your business. 

  • Eliminate employer liability and worker's compensation risk
  • Relieve your payroll burden
  • Offload HR administration
  • Analytical insight into labor spend
  • Nationwide employer compliance
We've got you covered with our complete EOR solution
Could your employees be costing you more than they should?

Could your employees be costing you more than they should?

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Our Expertise

All our Headway brands specialize in specific industries. Because our experts are industry-focused and deeply experienced, you'll never have to explain the basics of what you need. We already get it.

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Don't Take Our Word for It

Here are some insights from our clients.

We have been working with Headway since 2016, which is over 5 years now!  Headway’s customer service far supersedes any of the other organizations we worked with in the past.  We have thrown them many challenges over the years, and they have always risen to those challenges.  Their processes and procedures have made our lives easier. They are flexible and responsive to any curveball that may come our way.  All members of the organization are very approachable and responsive. They have an excellent consultative approach to all new and different projects.  Their expertise in payroll across the country has helped us greatly, especially in those we were unfamiliar with. In addition, we can tell the organization truly cares about us as a client as well as the employees they service.

Executive Director, Education and Staffing Solutions
Let's break down barriers together.

Let's break down barriers together.

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