Talent Acquisition

Talent Acquisition Solutions

Increase recruitment efficiency.
Control hiring costs.
Improve workforce performance.

Attract and acquire the most highly qualified candidates.

Headway's Recruitment Service Providers and Talent Acquisition Solutions are customized to your specific recruitment goals.

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Employer of Record (EOR) and HR Outsourcing

Your Worker, Our Employee

Reduce time and resources on hiring, employing, and onboarding.

Headway’s Employer of Record (EOR) program enables companies to enjoy a resource-saving service to address legislative changes and additional HR challenges for their workforce.

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Contingent Staffing

Improve quality of hire. Reduce internal costs.

Temporary/seasonal employees. Medium and long-term engagements – from entry- to senior- and professional-level positions.

Headway delivers a contingent labor resource on a nationwide basis for corporate or project-level needs.

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Vendor-on-Premise and Managed Services

Vendor On Premise (VOP) and Managed Services

Dedicated on-site teams with a single point of contact. Manage all on-site human resource functions of your facility’s contingent workforce, allowing you to focus on strategic business goals.

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